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4 exercises for arms that will increase their thickness

To increase the muscle mass of our arms well, we need exercises for arms that are worth our goals, and work both the triceps and biceps in the same way. It is always a good idea to replace exercises in our routine that we already had and that we have Black Label X always done for new ones that we have not done for a long time or that we have never done. This makes the arm have to adapt quickly, greatly increasing the performance in this exercise in a short time and as new fibers are stimulated, the size of our arms will grow more than ever.

4 Exercises for arms that you have never tried before

The exercises for arms that will be listed below there is a high probability that you have never tried them before, so you will get a good increase in their size.

JM Press

Very used by the people of Westside Barbell, a group and training method for powerlifters. It is done with a long bar and on a flat bench. The movement is as follows; We start by removing the bar from its support, then with straight arms, we descend in a kind of hybrid movement between French press and bench press, so that at the end of the eccentric the bar is at the height of our mouth, from there we went up making the same movement. You should not abuse the weight because it is a bit harmful if we are doing the crazy, and you have to warm up well to not have joint discomfort, but it is a very effective exercise.jmpress

Rolling extensions

Almost by the hand of the same creator as the JM press, it is done with a dumbbell in each hand and is for triceps, taking some light ones, we lay on a flat bench with our arms pointing towards the ceiling and fully stretched, then the We descend as if it were the refusal of a French press, at this moment the humerus is pointing towards the ceiling and has not moved in the whole movement, because now, with the forearm in the same position, we “lower” the humerus until it is parallel with the ground, and then we stretch our arms towards the initial position in a press movement. It may seem a bit complicated to explain it here, but if you see any video of the execution of his technique, as soon as you see a repetition you will understand everything. It is an exercise to perform very quickly and almost rhythmically,Rolling extensions

Dorsal milestone supine narrow grip

This is not as unusual as the others, but rarely seen in arm exercise routines, simply use the same pulley as for the dorsal pull but place your hands as close as you can, until they touch each other, lean a little back and then contract focusing on working your arms. Very good exercise, comfortable and allows to carry enough weight.dorsal narrow grip

Unilateral low pulley pinwheel curl

To perform this exercise for arms we will place a simple grip on a low pulley, then we will be in a position similar to the one we use when we do concentrated curl, with the elbow resting on the leg, flexing the arm as much as we can and while we Black Label X Reviews do it we are doing an external rotation of the forearm, you will see how the tension is so much that you get to notice some pain in the muscle at the few repetitions. The arm that contracts is the one that is furthest from the pulley. We can do it both by supporting the arm on the leg and with the free arm,.

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