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7 foods you should avoid eating before going for a run

Running is an activity that requires a lot of physical effort and therefore, it is important to know some foods that we should avoid before starting a long race in order not to hinder our performance.

When it comes to lifting long or short distance races but at high intensities, all athletes are aware that it is best Shape Health Keto Reviews to supply glycogen stores so that the body can be prepared to obtain energy immediately to perform at its best. during training or competition.

However, one aspect to take into account and that we could say, is even more important than simply increasing glycogen levels, is knowing how to choose the ideal foods for before starting physical activity. A poor selection of snacks can lead to unleashing stomach problems during the race, affecting performance significantly, to the point that it may be necessary to stop all physical activity.

Continue reading and know what are the 7 foods you should avoid eating before going for a run.

  1. Fatty foods

There is no doubt that the consumption of fats is of the utmost importance to carry out vital functions of the organism such as the production of cells and hormones, protect internal organs, etc. However, and unless a ketogenic diet plan is being followed in order to lose weight, runners should avoid consuming them at all costs, at least a few minutes or hours before training.

This is due, as discussed in the article on What is flat and how to avoid it, because fat intake can lead to pressure on the diaphragm during the digestion process, which in turn It causes an interruption in the proper way of breathing, ultimately affecting performance.

Foods such as cheese, eggs, avocados, nuts, dairy products and essential oils, although they are excellent for a balanced diet, the truth is that they are not recommended for pre-race consumption.

  1. Foods rich in simple carbohydrates (sugars)

The respective article on the flatus also points out that foods rich in simple carbohydrates or sugars are not the best to obtain a good performance during training or background competitions.

And although this type of food is characterized by providing large amounts of energy almost immediately, we must take into account that most of the products available in the market and that are made from this macronutrient, usually have Low nutritional value and with large calorie loads.

Although carbohydrates (if we talk about compound carbohydrates) are an excellent option for runners, in the case of sugars, their consumption prior to a race is dismissed because excess calories can interfere with performance when the body needs more energy to metabolize such products.

In addition to this, it is well known that sugars raise blood sugar levels that then fall rapidly; a condition known as hypoglycemia and characterized by fatigue, headaches and the consequent loss of athletic performance.

  1. Legumes

Legumes are also nutrient-rich foods and should be included in all types of diets. Lentils for example, in addition to providing low glycemic carbohydrates, ideal for long runs, also have a large amount of protein in each serving, which could prevent catabolism during races (something that those who they are dedicated to running to maintain a good cardiovascular system and that are far from the competition).

However, and as mentioned in the respective article on the flatus, foods that contain large amounts of fiber are not the most recommended to ingest prior to a running session, since they can lead to the development of gastrointestinal disorders or cause diarrhea; conditions that will undoubtedly affect the performance of any athlete.

  1. Protein Bars

Protein bars are put as an option to consider when getting quality nutrients when lack of time is a factor that prevents preparing a balanced meal.

However, it is very important to know that protein bars, like traditional energy bars, are far from what most people think they are. And it is that in general, although it is true that they provide a good amount of protein, the truth is that they are also composed of sugars, which, as we have already seen, are totally counterproductive to have a good performance during the cardio sessions. This is due to the fact that in fact, this type of products is focused on the market of amateur weightlifters and bodybuilders who must replenish their glycogen stores after completing their workouts.

Protein consumption before racing is not counterproductive and, like weightlifters, runners must have their glycogen stores at their best, so having alternatives to the classic industrial fitness bars is the most recommended way to Get a good performance.

You can read our article about granola bars so that you can prepare them yourself at home.

  1. Lactose

It is not that dairy products affect the performance of athletes per se , but rather the problem of consuming this type of food, prior to a race, lies in the fact that most people (approximately two thirds of the general population) do not have a good tolerance to lactose.

This means that, unless you are one of the lucky people who can consume dairy products without affecting the digestive tract, you should avoid eating them so as not to affect performance during training sessions or competitions.

  1. Spicy foods

It is well known that spicy foods such as chili peppers are excellent sources of nutrients and that in addition, due to the effect of capsaicin, they are widely recommended for those looking for the loss of body fat, since it helps to significantly accelerate metabolism. .

The large number of dishes that usually include this type of products in their recipes (chilies, pepper, ginger, etc.) can be amazing, so before going for long distances we must prevent ourselves to avoid possible ailments that hinder performance . This is because, especially in people who do not have a good tolerance for spicyness, they may begin to suffer gastrointestinal problems during the race.

  1. Sports drinks

And finally, to finish this list, we place sports drinks as one of the foods that you should definitely not consume when you are about to perform a cardiovascular exercise session.

Contrary to what many believe, industrial sports drinks, far from helping athletes, can actually interfere with the performance of these, because they are products that are loaded with Shape Health Keto sugar and that as explained in the previous lines, they are the cause of the dreaded hypoglycemia, along with all the side effects that this causes.

The best thing to prevent dehydration (a crucial aspect for any athlete) during long workouts, is to prepare an isotonic drink at home, using healthier ingredients and to help us replenish lost minerals when sweating.

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