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Alternative Medicine for Children – Bach Flowers, Homeopathy and Co

It has long been known that antibiotics and other medicines can harm the child’s organism in the long term, and many parents once resort to home remedies or remedies from alternative medicine. Especially for the typical teething troubles, there are gentle, natural remedies that strengthen the organism, instead of just destroying everything that bothers.

The healing methods that do not require conventional medicine have been on the rise in recent years and can often help. However, parents also need to recognize the moment when it is necessary to resort to a chemical mace – namely, when the child continues to feel badly or increasingly badly. Alternative medicine is also in the hands of a specialist, self-medication should be made only with the known teething troubles.

Bach flower

Bach flower therapy was developed in the 1830’s and has become a widely used alternative medicine for children. The gentle and side effect-free mode of action of the plant extracts help especially in mental health problems by stimulating the self-regulation of the child’s organism. Scientifically not yet fully proven, but the application shows its effect, so that the therapy is often used today. Particularly well known is the remedy “Rescue Remedy”, which has a calming and balancing effect on anxiety and shock states and acute excitement.

Bach flowers are suitable for children of all ages. The selection of funds is difficult for the layman, more successful is usually the walk to a reputable Bach flower therapist. The health insurance companies reimburse neither diagnosis nor funds. Many information and therapists can be found on the.


The basis of bioresonance therapy are important medical findings from acupuncture. It heals energetic blockages in the body instead of controlling biochemical processes like conventional medicine. Bioresonance changes information or energetic frequencies in the body, thereby stimulating self-healing powers. The method is partly controversial, because not conclusive scientifically proven. However, the good results in the field of allergy treatment make this form of therapy noteworthy.

The Bioresonanzherapie is suitable for all ages, the costs are not covered by the health insurance companies. In order to ensure a successful treatment, it is particularly important to find a qualified, well-trained therapist.


Homeopathy is a natural healing method that was developed about 200 years ago. Here, too, the self-healing powers of the organism are stimulated by appropriate remedies. Homeopathy is one of the best known and most widely used methods of alternative medicine for children and can alleviate the most various physical and emotional complaints. Since homeopathic remedies have little side effects when properly used, they are also good for self-medication for minor ailments such as colds, minor injuries or teething problems.

Homeopathic remedies can be administered to very small babies, the treatment is partly taken over by the health insurance. Mostly, however, only the homeopathic remedies, but not the treatment costs are replaced. For self-medication, there are many good books, especially for children on the market, such as the “homeopathy Quickfinder for children” from the GU-Verlag. Qualified homeopaths can be found on the portal.


Osteopaths are now extremely popular among parents with small infants, but the gentle healing method, in which the osteopath with the hands palpates and dissolves tension and hardening, but can alleviate many childish conditions. Through the solution of blockages in the body system countless writing babies have been cured, also in the field of attention deficit disorder can treat the osteopath successfully. Osteopathy can be a very long-term treatment – side effects are, however, because only the self-healing powers of the organism are activated.

Osteopathy is from the birth a suitable and very gentle healing method without side effects. The services of osteopaths, who usually work with an hourly rate of 65 to 85 euros, are unfortunately not yet taken over by the health insurance. When selecting the therapist, attention must be given to sound training. Qualified osteopaths and further information can be obtained from the Verband der Osteopathen Deutschland at


The herbal medicine, the German name for phytotherapy is one of the oldest methods of alternative medicine and is often used, especially in paediatrics. Teas, envelopes, plant juices and other herbal remedies often help as well as synthetic medicines, with no side effects. Cough syrup with ivy extract acts as a gentle herbal cough remedy, onion juice relieves earache, ginger extract or tea helps with abdominal pain. Phytotherapy can also be supplemented with a conventional medical therapy; most herbal remedies are compatible with medication.

The herbal medicine is suitable for children of all ages, up to the age of 12 health insurance companies reimburse the cost of herbal medicines. At the Central Association of Physicians for Natural Remedies and Regulation Medicine you will find information and reputable, naturopathic doctors working.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

The progressive muscle relaxation is one of the alternative medical methods for children, which are particularly helpful for anxiety, sleep disorders and stress. Imagination stimulates the children to become aware of their body parts and actively relax and then relax. As a result, tensions are released, the respiratory and nervous systems are gently calmed and lead to more peace and balance.

The progressive muscle relaxation is suitable for children from the school age and is carried out in courses – for example, at the local adult education centers, the costs of many health insurance companies will be reimbursed. Suppliers and further information can be found at.

salts are suitable for children of all ages. For self-medication, the salts should only be used in typical childhood infectious diseases. The health insurance companies often reimburse the cost of the funds if they have been medically prescribed. You can find information about the means and mode of action at.

Find therapists for alternative medicine

Finding a really good alternative medicine therapist for children is often not easy. In addition to a large number of highly qualified specialists, there are also a number of less good providers on the market. Especially in the border areas such as Bach Flower Therapy or Progressive Muscle Relaxation, there are black sheep that treat without adequate qualification. To be on the safe side, if you select a therapist on recommendation. Knowing someone who has been treated successfully increases the certainty that you yourself, or your own child will also be treated well. The trade associations of the individual divisions often provide useful information on their websites about what to consider when choosing a therapist.

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