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Baby food – what parents should look for

Nursing children usually start eating the first manufactured baby food for about half a year, babies who are not breastfed get the vial. High quality criteria are applied to baby food, but parents should pay attention to a few points in the selection.

Some committed mothers will breastfeed and later cook the baby food themselves. If all else fails – for example, if the mother can not breastfeed and there is not enough time to prepare the food herself, then industrially produced baby food will be used.

What belongs in baby’s bottle?

In the milk formula for babies, a distinction is made between initial nutrition and follow-on nutrition. With their composition, they cover the nutrients and calories a baby needs, depending on his age.

The various suppliers of milk food offer tested products, some of them in organic quality. However, in a comprehensive test of the magazine in 2009, it was found that all tested products were contaminated with 3-MCPD fatty acid ester. This result was, however, new, in previous tests, the products usually performed very well. Since there are no alternatives to bottle feeding other than breastfeeding and since the harmful effect of the pollutant is not yet sufficiently scientifically clarified, even advises the magazine to feed the babies. Under no circumstances should cow, sheep or goat’s milk be avoided as these dairy varieties lack important nutrients that a baby needs for healthy growth.

Babybreie for mixing

Just as with the milk formula, there are different products in the field of baby porridge. By law, a thorough test and a special purity of the ingredients used is required. Easily digestible baby porridge in powder or flake form are prepared lightning fast and make the baby completely satisfied and satisfied. However, caution is advised here: Many porridges contain sugar or even potential allergens such as milk powder, nuts or chocolate. These additions are unnecessary and just make your child fat. When buying, always make sure that you have sugar-free products with as few ingredients as possible. There are pure cereals in the form of flakes, which can be enriched with fresh fruit, such as grated apple or fruit juice and sweetened at the same time.

fruit jars

Fruit jars are a popular snack for babies and give parents the good feeling that their child has eaten something healthy. If you look at the list of ingredients, you will find terms such as glucose, maltose, fructose or low-acid fruits. All these terms stand for sugar. If you try the jars yourself, you soon realize that they taste much sweeter than the corresponding type of fruit.

Whole dishes in a glass

The older a child gets, the more different foods it can tolerate. For children from about eight months, whole dishes in puree form are offered. For example, your child can comfortably eat chicken with noodles and broccoli with a spoon. But here too, beware of the additives, in many jars are far too many spices, especially salt, they contain eggs or preservatives. Who wants to feed his baby as healthy as possible, should therefore study the ingredients thoroughly and prefer to choose a different product in unnecessarily long lists. However, one should always study the current test results. For example, the magazine test discovered carcinogenic substances, including benzene, in some vegetable jars.

Test results and reports on baby food additives are cautionary but are not cause for concern. On the one hand, there is the opportunity to learn about questionable products, on the other hand, the study of ingredients often helps to sort out less suitable baby food. If you want to be completely sure what baby is eating, you can also cook for yourself. However, in the worst case, there is a risk of a shortage of certain nutrients.

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