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Best exercises to tone a woman’s body

A list of the best exercises for women is presented, based on the premise of achieving greater muscle toning.

Fitness can be a complicated discipline, at least theoretically speaking. Thanks to the advancement of technology that allows deeper studies about how the human body reacts to physical activity, there have been many cases in which previously, Mass M1x methods were considered as the holy grail to achieve specific objectives; but now they have little or no relevance. A clear example of this is running , which until a few years ago was adopted by anyone who wanted a more stylized body, as the most effective method to achieve optimal results. Nowadays times have changed, because we know firsthand that the best way to lose those extra kilos is through bodybuilding exercises.

There are plenty of reasons, and all of them have been empirically tested, and also (even more importantly), through scientific studies. Muscle is a tissue that consumes a lot of energy, so it increases the metabolic rate considerably. In other words, having a body with large and healthy muscles is the best way to eliminate fat naturally and safely.

Muscle mass gain is based on three key factors: food, exercise and rest, all ordered by their importance or relevance in the process. However, these points, despite being essential, are encouraged from other deeper aspects such as age, gender, race. Even genetic issues are involved. A person of 18 years and weighing 70 kg, obviously must adopt eating, sports and rest habits, totally different from those of an athlete who has been training for more than 10 years, who is 30 and weighs 100 kg. The same happens between men and women in general. It is no surprise that a woman should eat significantly less compared to a man if she wants to maintain a healthy and slender figure.

It is not that there is something biblically written about how women should train or the kind of goal they should stick to. A woman, well, anyone, is free to do with their body what they want, so that everyone’s right to choose whether to gain muscle, define it, or keep it amorphous and unhealthy (which is not recommended at all) It’s there … implied. However, and what seems to be a doctrine constantly spoken in most of the articles written in this Blog, is that «we live in a society in which certain physical characteristics mark the tendencies of beauty and other superficial aspects that must be followed almost obligatorily to be able to fit in it ». And it is not a lie; It is 100% proven that the ‘prettiest’ people are the ones with the most opportunities to succeed (of course,

A woman who is considered, beautiful, beautiful or [[apply here adjective at discretion]], as a general rule, must comply with features such as having a slender, defined body, symmetrical face, tall stature and firm breasts and buttocks. How is this achieved? Through a healthy lifestyle that is governed by a balanced diet and the constant practice of physical exercises. But as described above, there is a great chasm between the type of exercises and how these are carried out, when it comes to adapting them to people of different genres.

Training differences for women and men

While a man performs basic exercises, that is to say those who work different muscle groups at the same time (also called polyarticles) for the gain of muscle mass and strength, in the case of women, they will have different effects, as these focus more to Shape the muscle and achieve better toning. In this sense, the changes adopted for different essential factors such as rest are also influenced. Women require two or three (at most) full days to achieve a complete recovery of the worked muscles, as they generally use 50% of the approximate weight in their routines, compared to men. A usual routine specifically structured for a female person, in addition to meeting the aforementioned characteristics, too …


Dorsal development should also be focused, that is, on improving the condition of the back. In this case it is recommended to use closed grips when lifting weights since these are the ones that have a better effect on the toning and stylization of the muscle group in question. A man, on the other hand, can opt for wide grips to also give more amplitude to the back, or for parallel grips to grow the muscles that are there.

If you are looking to work your chest, it is better to opt for exercises focused on the upper and lower parts of the pectorals. There are dozens of exercises that can be used and I will discuss later.

To define the abdominals it is best to exercise horizontally, specifically focused on this area and use no weight, giving priority to a greater number of repetitions.

Below is a list of the best exercises for women, based on the premise of achieving greater toning:

Best leg exercises for women:

  • Squats
  • Abductors lying down
  • Stride
  • Athletic press
  • Quadriceps extensions in machine
  • Quadriceps extensions, lying down
  • Abductor Machine

Best exercises for firmer buttocks in women

These exercises are designed to give firmness and stiffness to the buttocks, since their growth will depend too much on the exercises of the previous point (legs). In this case, isolated exercises are performed where only the gluteus is trained, always with hyperextension of the hip, avoiding lumbar hyperextension, so it is very important to keep the trunk and legs static when performing the required movements.

  • Squats
  • Kick back from knees
  • Kick back, stand up
  • Kick back in multi-machine
  • Side kick in multi-machine
  • Glute machine
  • Adductor machine
  • Dumbbell scissors
  • Kneeling, lying down
  • Leg lifts, lying down
  • Leg lifts, lying on bench V
  • Knee lifts, lying on V bench
  • Waist and abs

The work of the abdominals must be focused on the flexion, rotation and lateralization of the core of the body. It is important not to involve the muscles that comprise the flexor part of the hip, lumbar and neck.

For this, the following exercises are recommended:

  • Shrinks
  • Inverted shrinks
  • Shrinks for obliques
  • Triceps

There is not much to say, other than repeating the aforementioned. To avoid excessive volume gain in the triceps and other muscles in general, heavy lifting should not be done, so it is better to focus on raising the number of repetitions and abstaining from exercises that do not involve the long face of the muscle.

The most convenient exercises for this are:

  • Pulleys in pulley
  • French Press
  • Funds between banks
  • Pectoral

As already mentioned a few lines above, workouts for women that involve the pectoral, should focus on the upper and inner fibers of this muscle. It is not a good idea to work the deltoid, as this could cause the separation of the chest.

In order to have a bust with greater volume and firmness, the following activities should be adopted:

  • Press closed
  • Upper dumbbell press
  • Inclined bar press
  • Inclined bottoms with narrow grip
  • Bottoms with raised feet

Food and supplementation

As for the food and the supplements chosen there are also many differences. Despite the notions set forth in this article, there is no problem in consuming protein supplements, since these do not serve to gain large amounts of muscle (as it happens with men), as women do not produce the amount of testosterone Enough to create it. On the other hand, they will be able to obtain an adequate muscle tone, which allows them to have a higher metabolism, having a direct impact on their toning, since this way fat burning is encouraged.


Whey protein intake

As in the case of men, protein shakes do not replace food, so if you can achieve the results you expect only through food, then there is no rush to get this product. Eventually, Mass M1x Reviews the consumption of it will be necessary to continue

progressing, however, the same guidelines should be followed before, taking into account, especially, the total body weight and the amount of exercise performed on the days of intake. It is also very important to keep calorie intake at bay, so it is recommended to take the diluted protein in a glass of water, or if milk is to be used, which is skimmed or skimmed.


Carnitine is a fat burning supplement, composed mainly of lysine and methionine, two amino acids that are responsible for stimulating the oxidation of fatty acids and preventing their accumulation. Its consumption depends a lot on the weight of the person who consumes it, so it is important to ask the specialist doctor or the gym instructor (as long as he has the appropriate qualification) to get an idea about how much to take per day.

While there are many more supplements that fulfill the same function, carnitine is one of the most accepted in the female fitness community.


The diet does not have much in particular, except that it must be structured to promote muscle gain and at the same time eliminate accumulated fats to allow toning. Simply put, a diet for the average fitness woman should be low in carbohydrates and fats.

It is very important to take nutritional supplements that contain antixodidants in the form of Vitamin C, D, E and bioflavonoids, although these can also be easily found in a high variety of fruits and vegetables. As for minerals, you should have a greater focus on the consumption of calcium, magnesium and iron.

Since fat burning is sought, it is important to prioritize foods that have thermogenic properties, that is, that accelerate the metabolic rate through the elevation of body temperature. Some of them may be green tea, coffee, ginger, cayenne pepper, chili peppers, pineapples, citrus fruits and much more.

In conclusion

In order to follow the beauty standards established by society, a woman should undergo training in which exercises with low weight and a higher number of repetitions are more important, so that fat burning is possible at a faster rate, but at the same time, gain some muscle volume to strengthen the body in general.

The diet should be structured to avoid excessive consumption of fats and carbohydrates, so it is advisable to include some products such as meat, fish, chicken breast, fruits and vegetables, etc.

Having a slender body is not always a sign of being healthy, however, by carrying out all the written recommendations throughout this article, they will certainly guarantee a full and lasting quality of life.

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