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Bodybuilding: what program with a pull-up bar?

Bodybuilding with a pull bar is the most effective way to build your upper body , the goal being, with training, to manage your “body weight” in different contexts.

The pulls require a lot of muscles at Balanced Max Keto REVIEWS the same time : back, biceps but also pectoral and arm. They accentuate your physical strength, volume and strength of your muscles.

Traction bar for bodybuilding: indoors or outdoors at home

In the classroom, pull bars are not used much compared to “machine draws” that minimize effort and do not help to build a mind. At home, you install your bar on a door frame or between two walls not far apart . This kind of bar is easily transported, it follows you on vacation or during a move.


How to put your hands to build muscles with a fixed bar?

The way in which the hands are placed determines the target muscles of the exercise: • in supination (palms facing you): the hands are slightly apart and you can lift more weight (weighted ankles), • in pronation (palms turned towards you) outside): you are muscle width • neutral (palms face to face): the back is muscle in thickness


In supination, the target muscles are the biceps while in pronation, you muscle your back. Without being able to adjust the load that corresponds to your body weight, it is necessary to vary the time when the muscles are under tension, it allows to “play” on the difficulty of the exercise. The change of grip avoids the injuries that can be the cause of repetitions of movements.

Tips for successful pull-ups

To achieve traction, bring the chin above the fixed bar ; the body is well wrapped and the head and body are straight.

Several tricks where the difficulty of the exercises is reduced allow the beginners to become familiar with the very precise posture of a traction while developing their musculature and their strength:

  • an elastic band : fixed on the bar and slipped under the knees, it helps beginners to achieve “real tractions” , the elastic acting as support, • jumps : jump to reach the bar and enjoy the momentum to lift your body, • the “eccentric movement (lengthening of the muscle)” : place the chin above the bar while climbing on a chair and let yourself slowly descend to the strength of the arms.

The “base” of movement: straight leg traction • hands in pronation, spread wider than shoulders • lift your body vertically (chin above the bar)

For the “pros”: square traction • the legs are inclined and go up to the position of the square

In both cases, the legs must return to their original position as slowly as possible.

  • Breathing: inhale when descending, blow while pulling. • Safety : stay focused on the position of your body: straight and well sheathed, without swaying. • Repetitions : according to your abilities.

The movement of pulls on fixed Balanced Max Keto bar or the dips on parallel bars , are very demanding but also very effective for a harmonious musculature and a pleasant silhouette.

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