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Canoeing: a high calorie expenditure?

Canoeing is a very popular physical activity for a large population . Young and old alike find at the same time a certain conviviality, the pleasure of being in the open air, a playful aspect but it is also one of the most physical sports. So yes, canoeing actually involves a high caloric expenditure.

How many calories will I burn if I go canoeing?

Whether classic in fresh water, inflatable, pedal, sea or for practice in white water and downhill, canoeing Peak Surge Keto promises one thing: you will burn a lot of calories . Between 450 and 650 kcal for 1 hour on average.

It all depends on your fitness, the intensity of the practice and the number of kg you have to lose. This is a small nuance for the two-seater canoe, which, logically, will require less effort.

Aside from its fat burning effect, what are the other benefits of canoeing?

This sport is part of a very specific category: canoeing makes you work all your muscles! Which represents a considerable time saving let’s admit it. Unfortunately, not everyone can tailor and spend hours and hours on the sport.

It can come in reinforcement for a sportsman also who will find in this discipline the means to prepare effectively and globally his body to a next test.

With canoeing, you will also work on other faculties such as coordination or balance. You will, moreover, strengthen your articulation, especially in the arms and perform a sheathing effect on the back .

More surprisingly, it is a sport that develops the memory and sense of listening.

Precautions to take

If all forms of canoeing are worth, physically speaking, some are much more technical. If you have always evolved in calm waters, be careful if you venture in the sea or in the river because you risk very regularly desalination (which means: you return).

You will have to master perfectly the techniques that will help you to go back to the surface. By cons, you sharpen your reflexes better in these conditions. Of course, you must not go on an adventure alone or without warning those around you. Just like any other outdoor activity.

Canoe-kayak, a sport that burns fat par excellence, is therefore particularly recommended for anyone Peak Surge Keto Reviews wishing to stabilize their fitness weight or lose excess weight . The training must have two to three outings per week as part of a diet, a single weekly outing for a simple maintenance.

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