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Diets for children – the right way? What are the alternatives?

Overweight has a negative effect on children’s health and also leads to low acceptance in our society. Although every fifth child in Germany is already overweight, being fat is still a stigma. Diets for children, however, are in most cases not the way to go.

The media is already talking about “Generation XXL”. There are more than 3.5 million children in Germany. The cause is identified on the one hand the increasing lack of exercise, on the other hand the high fat and sugar content of many of our foods. Obesity and obesity, originally obesity phenomena from the USA, have long since become nothing special in Germany either. The World Health Organization even talks about a “global epidemic of the 21st century”.

When is a child too fat?

Methods such as the Body Mass Index (BMI) used in adults to identify obesity are not yet applicable to children. Here other evaluation methods are used. One uses so-called weight percentiles, which are statistical average values, which are classified in a growth curve. If a value of 90 is exceeded, the child may be overweight. Added to this is the visual assessment. However, it is important to keep in mind that children are going through different stages of growth. Even the bones can lead to an increase in weight during growth, without actually being overweight and the need for special measures.

More harm than good

Nutritionists are quite clear when it comes to diets for children: starvation diets are not for our offspring, this applies equally to children and adolescents alike. Food and nutrient deprivation are unfavorable for both physical and mental development. That means children have to eat a balanced diet and, above all, eat plenty. Otherwise, in addition to all other side effects and eating disorders in adulthood almost certainly inevitable. is warning that children tell everybody in the diet of mom or dad warned of everything.

Exercise instead of diet

For children is even more, which is also recommended for adults to permanently lose weight. With sufficient exercise, the pounds usually fall by itself. To ensure that a child is sufficiently physically active, the time should first be limited in front of the TV and the PC, sporting activities, but also make family trips to the forest or other busy places In addition, that the movement is not too short. By the way, this is not only good for the kids! Lack of exercise is often a problem for the entire family and can be tackled so well.

Regulated meals and reasonable portions

If a child is too fat, then although no diet is announced, but the food habits must be thoroughly examined. Children absolutely have to eat enough. So that they do not bring too many pounds on the scales, the composition of the food must be checked and adjusted. Almost every high calorie food today has alternatives that taste just as good, but with less calories. For the child to be involved, it is important to develop an understanding of the change in diet. It is also crucial that parents join in and eat the same as their child.

Thin parents, big kids

A phenomenon that one does not find so seldom, are slim parents with one or more overweight children. An explanatory attempt here offers the nutrition philosophy of Ayurveda. There people are classified into different constitution types with different life and metabolism rates. Each of these types has different nutritional requirements. If parents and children of the type do not fit together and the children are fed just like the slender parents, this can lead to overweight.

If your child is too fat, you should consult with the pediatrician and seek a holistic therapy if necessary. Under no circumstances should you starve your child or put it on a diet. Above all, do not put yourself and your child under psychological pressure. Frustration and stress reinforce the problem in the vast majority of cases rather than solving it.

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