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Until recently, point G was considered the main trigger for female orgasm. This statement is today very controversial. In recent years, researchers have said that point G does not exist and that all female orgasms are similar. Other experts, many of them women, push it further by stating that there are many erogenous zones capable of leading women to ecstasy. It would be fun to test all these theories. Maybe you smile

because you have already found the point G of your partner, this famous slightly rough and very innervated zone which is on the front of the vaginal wall, at 4 or 5 cm deep. Recently, Turkish researchers have shaken things up by identifying four regions they have called “deep vaginal erogenous zones” .

This study shows that, in some women, the four zones can independently trigger an orgasm. But even if your half does not reach seventh heaven, “the excitement of these areas Zylophin Rx can be a great experience of fun and exploration,” says sexologist Yvonne K. Fulbright. “The more sensitive areas you find, the more options you have to warm it up. ”

Ready to search? Arm yourself with lube, and get ready to discover areas of fun that neither you nor your partner knew.

A / 11% of women found it

FIND IT : Follow the front wall of her vagina and stop a little before entering the cervix. This is where you will find point A. Put your finger on it like a windshield wiper. If you feel a rougher part, it’s because you’re not at your destination, but on point G. Look even further and do not hesitate to put two fingers on it.

WAKE UP : The vagina only responds to pressure or movement, not to touch, says Dr. Berman, a specialist in sexual health. Try to fix yourself and move. After good preliminaries and good lubrication, press the fleshy part of your fingers over point A. If you can not reach it, use the curved tip of a long sex toy.

Pull your fingers toward you against the front wall. “You’ll know it’s effective when your partner’s intimacy gets wetter,” says Fulbright.

O / 8% of women are sensitive to it

FIND IT: Did you find his point G? Congratulations! Turn your fingers towards the opposite wall of the vagina and push in slightly more until you feel a spongy area. This is the point O. She hesitates to practice sodomy? “The anal area is rich in nerve endings, stimulating the point O can give him a taste of what would happen on the other side of the wall,” says Fulbright.

WAKE IT UP:  Once it’s ready, try the O-point and G-Point anchoring technique at the same time. Join hands, palms outward up and down. Then, insert the index fingers to simultaneously stimulate the front and back walls of the vagina. “Some women can have ejaculation this way. Alternatively, you can also boost your O point with a simple back and forth motion. ”

The cervix / 7.5% of women had a cervical orgasm

FIND IT : With deep penetration, you can reach the cervix with your penis. “It looks like the tip of the nose, firmer than the spongy texture of the vagina,” says Lisa Masterson, doctor and chief of staff at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. For many women, the cervix is ​​about 7 to 10 cm deep, before excitement.      “With engorgement, the cervix rises,” says Dr. Berman. But you should still be able to reach it.

WAKE UP:  Keep up to date with your periods: it is at the time of ovulation (between the 13th and 16th days of the cycle) that the cervical stimulation gives the most pleasure. Make circles in the collar with a finger or two. Once you are in contact, run your fingers over the area with firm but gentle pressure until you feel pleasure all over your body. If you can not reach the cervix with your fingers, use a wide-headed vibrator for better pressure.

Pelvic muscles / 12% of women use them to enjoy

FIND IT : You can not touch the pelvic muscles directly, but you can activate them. “They encircle the vagina and contract during the enjoyment,” says Fulbright. A 2014 Brazilian study showed that women with more toning pelvic muscles are more comfortable. Why ? Simply because they stretch during the rise of pleasure and increase the pressure on the vagina.

WAKE UP : Your partner would probably like to improve the tone of his muscles. So have fun: invest in heavy geisha balls, which act like little weights for the vagina. Lubricate one and see if she can hold her by the sheer force of her muscles then, when she is ready, add the second. It’s fun and exciting. Not only will this help strengthen her pelvic muscles, but will also stimulate her G-spot.

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