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Good water – the basis for the healthy diet of the family

For healthy eating, many people only seriously consider when they have children. Especially the quality of the water for the preparation of food for children or even babies. How good is the quality of the local drinking water? Is it necessary to boil the water before preparing baby food?

Before the birth of our children, I had never worried about the quality of our drinking water. Sure – after a long journey you were happy that you can drink the tap water in this country, without worrying. In many other parts of the world, it usually tastes terrible for chlorine or you have to expect to catch nasty diseases.

Do you only have to boil drinking water if you want to use it to prepare baby food?

When our first daughter was about half a year old, the time came when mother’s milk alone was no longer enough to fill our child. We would have to start with porridge and complementary food . At this point, my wife was concerned about the quality of our drinking water. Would we be able to easily use it for the preparation of baby food? Would we have to boil it down before?

Fortunately, my wife found during her research that the quality of our drinking water here in Munich is excellent and also meets the strict requirements for “baby water”. So she has since used the water for the production of porridge, follow-on milk, juice spritzers and other food for our children and has always had a good conscience. We never boiled the water.

The quality of the drinking water is strictly controlled in Germany. Nobody has to worry about getting sick from the domestic water. However, there are certain regional differences – in particular, whether the water also meets the requirements for the preparation of baby food, as is the case in Munich. About the water quality at home, parents can make smart with their local provider.

Water – the most important component of our diet

We drink a lot of water as a family – pure or in the form of juice spritzers. Why not? The human body is mostly water (around 95% at birth, around 70% in adults). Water is by far the most important component of our diet. Drinking enough is fundamental to health – including digestion, the skin, metabolism, but also for mental performance. An adult should consume at least 1.5 liters of water by drinking daily when perspiring due to heat or physical activity, significantly more.

I found out for myself that it is easy for me to drink enough if I always have a big glass of water during the day or just my filled water bottle next to me. And one more thing I’ve learned over the years: water has no calories . Therefore, during the day I drink almost exclusively water, so that the beer hardly hits the scales in the evening.

Is tap water so healthy and tastes as good as bottled water?

This can be answered with a clear “that depends”. Especially on the quality of tap water on site. The varies locally, but is generally good to very good in Germany. Bottled water is often no better than good tap water, as various tests have shown. There are even repeated reports that large food companies run tap water through a filter and then fill it. One can also save that – and the carry-on from the supermarket to your home. My opinion …

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