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How many calories in Kinder ice cream?

One of Ferrero’s flagship products, Kinder bueno . The opinions of gourmets have been unanimous for more than 70 years now and it is now available in various forms, such as ice cream.

The new version of this gluttony anthology is a pleasure for the taste buds, but you must also be informed Impact Keto Max about the contributions it brings to the body.

Little point composition, calories and adaptations possible at home!

Composition and calorie intake of ice cream in kinder

The Kinder Bueno Ice Cream is presented in the form of small cones, based on milk cream and chocolate.

Its composition is as follows: rehydrated skimmed milk , sugar, vegetable oils (coconut and sunflower) , wheat flour, cream, water , 5% hazelnut paste, glucose syrup , milk powder, lactose, lean cocoa , concentrated butter, cocoa paste, potato starch , caramel, emulsifiers, stabilizers, cocoa butter, salt , flavorings. It can be noted that it does not contain palm oil.

In terms of nutritional value, the Kinder Ice cream cone offers the following benefits.

– 1 cone contains: 206 kcal, with 12 gr of lipids including 7 gr of saturated fatty acids, 22 gr of carbohydrates and 3 gr of proteins.

It is therefore found that both in terms of calories and the distribution of carbohydrates / lipids / proteins, the Kinder cone is very similar to its sisters chocolate bars.

When to consume my Kinder ice cream?

It is a delicacy, it must be consumed as such, ie occasionally and with moderation.

In general nutrition, the opinion of the experts is that consuming exceptionally a product with uninteresting nutritional value is not fundamentally serious, it is enough to balance all the contributions, on the week for example.

Kinder ice cream can be consumed without feeling guilty during a snack with children, or with gourmands!

To improve the intake, by slightly decreasing the amount of saturated fatty acids and limiting the additives, it is also possible to make a homemade recipe!

My recipe for Kinder Ice cream homemade

This ice cream is very simple to make, it can be soldered with your thermomix or your usual ice cream maker. If you do not have one, put your mixture in the freezer and stir every 20 minutes.

You will need the following ingredients: 3 egg yolks , 50 gr of caster sugar , 25 cl of whole milk and 200 gr of Kinder Bueno.

First melt the chocolate bars in the milk, except mix the sugar and egg yolks. Turn off the heat, stir in Impact Keto Max Reviews the cream in the milk and the egg yolks while stirring . You must have a creamy cream. Put everything in the freezer for 12 hours and you’re done!

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