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How much water should I drink after exercising?

How much water should we drink to be well hydrated and not succumb to dehydration that causes poor performance?

The recovery of liquids and for physical development. But … How much water should we drink to be Sure Cleanse Keto well hydrated and not succumb to dehydration caused by poor performance? And it is also important that you do not drink too much water, since this can cause you hyponatremia , which is the excess in the consumption of water that can cause several problems and insufficiencies in important organs of our organism.

For these two reasons it is very important that you know the formula to know what specific level of water your body needs. So I’ll show you how to measure this level below:

  • Weigh yourself without clothes and before exercising. Do not forget to write down your weight.
  • After you exercise, weigh yourself again without clothes. Write down your weight again.
  • You have to compare the two measures and the result will be what you lost during the exercise and that did not recover with hydration during training.
  • The difference must be multiplied by 1.5 to obtain the specific value of water that you have to drink to optimally recover body fluids.

If you have not understood very well, then I will show you a simple example:

Example: First weight (before exercising) 75 kg x Second weight (after exercising) 72 kg = shows a loss of 3 kg of liquids.

The 3 kg (of fluid loss) x 1.5 = 4.5 liters, the measure of water you should consume throughout the day.

It is recommended that you apply this formula more than once on days of varied training so you can deduct a measure to drink. There are people who sweat more than others, in addition to the type of diet you eat also greatly influences. Use your references and adapt the formula to your specific case.

It should be noted that this formula was based on the case that we are well hydrated before exercising. This really does not necessarily have to be true.

On many occasions we do not hydrate well after exercising, especially on the hottest days. But if you apply this simple formula you can keep your body well hydrated without Sure Cleanse Keto Reviews problems and consequently more energy and better performance to achieve all goals during training.

A good advice that I want to share with you so that you have a better hydration after training is that you eat a banana or a pinch of salt , since this helps replenish your body state by increasing organic functionality, accelerates metabolism and makes a body detoxification , among other benefits.

So you know, remember to be well hydrated before and during training, as well as the use of this simple formula to hydrate properly after training and not suffer from dehydration and all the problems that this entails.

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