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How should a light breakfast for fat loss be?

guide with which you can plan a light breakfast that will help you lose fat effectively. With examples of foods you should include.

Talking about fat loss and the practice of cardiovascular or anaerobic exercise (weightlifting for example), is already a custom like expecting tomorrow to be another day. However, over time we have learned that physical activity is not always Super Keto Burn Reviews necessary to achieve this, in fact, there are many people who give greater importance to this factor, which often ends up being counterproductive to obtain true results. .

And it is that in innumerable occasions we have talked about the importance of nutrition and how it affects 70% of the results obtained during a transformation process, so even in spite of performing intense hours of cardiovascular exercise or lifting weights, if a diet is not followed properly, we are probably not going to notice significant changes and, in the worst case, these can become null.

In order for a person to lose fat, they must undergo a daily caloric deficit, that is, consume fewer calories than they spend. However, the issue does not end there, because calories are not everything in this world, since they influence other physiological aspects that are also involved in this complex process. In other words, eating 1000 calories of cheesecake will not have the same effect on your body as consuming 1000 calories between fruits and vegetables, supplemented with lean meat such as chicken breast.

Knowing this, it is much easier to understand that fat burning is not a simple matter to explain, but that is not why we have to break our heads to understand and take care of even the most intimate detail and thus obtain the best results. Structuring a diet based on needs, in general, is equal to each person. And I mean in general the aspect that the same foods can be included for a person who weighs 100 kilograms and another who weighs 70. The difference above all is concentrated in the distribution of the macronutrients that each meal gives us.

For that reason, we have decided to make this small guide with which you can plan a light breakfast that will help you lose fat effectively.

What foods to include in my light breakfast to lose weight?


In order for fat loss to be as effective as possible, efforts must be made above all to eliminate or rather reduce carbohydrate intake , especially fast-absorbing carbohydrates found in bottled soft drinks, pastries and everything. type of processed foods such as box cereals, frozen, cookies, cakes, etc.


Carbohydrate intake should be limited only to those we can find only in fruits and vegetables. While fruits can contain large amounts of sugars, it is also true that they provide vitamins, minerals and fibers, so they are a much healthier alternative to include in the diet, along with vegetables.

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Regardless of what your goal is, protein should never be needed in a light breakfast. In most cases, we usually associate protein with meat. However, the egg is a protein source with greater biological value , so including a couple of eggs, especially egg whites, will help you have a better nutritional balance to make the ideal light breakfast.

There are many myths regarding eggs such as the fact that they contain large amounts of cholesterol, and because of this their consumption should be limited to two or four per week. But nothing further from reality; Eating two or four eggs a day can even be beneficial for your transformation process, so don’t be too afraid of this spectacular food that is also very versatile and you can prepare in minutes.

In addition to the egg, we can find proteins in other foods such as milk and some more of vegetable origin such as lentils, soybeans, quinoa , chia seeds and much more that are perfect to include in your breakfast.

Remember that proteins, in addition to having a fundamental role in the growth of muscle mass, are also excellent for weight loss, as they create a satiating effect on the stomach that can last for hours and that will help you reduce your intake during breakfast and throughout the day, until it is time for your next meal.

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Many believe that to lose the accumulated fat in the body it is necessary to reduce the consumption of fats, when in reality, they are the carbohydrates that you must keep at bay. It has been scientifically and empirically proven that ketogenic diets are even more effective in burning fat than a normal diet, so be sure to include them in your meals, especially at breakfast.

Ideally, of all the calories you eat during the day, at least 40-50% come from fat. When you do this for a long time, you teach your body to use this macronutrient as the main source of energy, which will make you eliminate excessive reserves much faster.

One of the advantages of this Super Keto Burn type of diets is also that fat, being a much slower source of energy to absorb, helps maintain hunger, which translates into a lower caloric intake and therefore, in a greater weight loss in the long run.

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