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How to do a palpate-rolling at home?

Far from the most invasive surgical operations, palpate-rolling is a particularly effective manual tool against cellulite . But here we are, we do not always have the means nor the time to go to institute or see a professional. Good news, you can totally consider palpating-rolling at home.

How to do ?

Is it really effective, even if I’m not physio?

It is true that a professional will be safer, more precise and, in fact, more efficient but you can very well reach a more than satisfactory solo level . The result may be just a little longer to get.

How to proceed without a device?

It starts with a massage technique . The gesture is thought to shake greasy piles under the skin. For this, you need to pinch the skin tissue while massaging, between your thumb and the other fingers of the hand. You can apply this technique on your belly, hips, thighs and always from the bottom up.

Your skin regains its elasticity over time . You’ll see cellulite lose ground faster if you massage with an anti-orange peel cream (commercially produced or homemade with essential oils). A horsehair glove ideally completes the process.

Invest in a device: a real good plan!

A real good plan and in addition, today, there are products at very affordable prices so why not? Thanks to a machine with suction cup or with vacuum cleaner , as with a basic model with rollers, you considerably decouple the effects of your massage palpate rolling. Simple to use, these small devices are essential if you want to tackle the problem of cellulite!

But how does it work ? Each model has its mode of action but the principle remains the same: to break the fat deposits forming a compact block so that the body can then eliminate them much more quickly and easily . The other advantage of these accessories is to be able to treat areas more difficult to access with the hand: arms, knees, double chin …

How many times a week do you have to massage yourself?

A palper-rouler at home will be less effective than that of a professional but it is not necessary to spend a lot of time each day . 2 or even 3 times a week is enough. You will see the beneficial effect on your figure from the second or third week of care.

The slimming effect of palpate-rolling has been recognized for a long time now. By learning the right gestures, you will be able to fight against your orange peel home, at your own pace!

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