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How to start the sport at 40?

At age 40, we must recognize that the body changes . Whether it’s the man or the woman, the years have their effects and playing sports is a very good solution to stay young and healthy. Activate Keto The fact is that starting or restarting the sport after 40 years seems a bit difficult. Do not worry, here’s everything you need to know before putting on your sportswear.

What kind of sport to practice?

When you’re over 40, the body is less toned than before, but it can not be less powerful . It all depends on your previous habits, whether you have ever played sports or not and your goals if it’s just for maintenance or for health problems. In both cases, choose a sport that suits you and that you enjoy.

Running , swimming and endurance sports are preferable to sports, however, which are more demanding on the heart. You can also do group sports such as Zumba for example to have friends and motivation and more.

How often do you play sports?

It all depends on you and your schedule. If you have the opportunity, 45 minutes a day is perfect, but it may tire you so 2 or 3 sessions per week will suffice . Do not forget to warm up well and not to rush your muscles too much to avoid injuries. Go at your own pace and you will see that as the weeks go by you will evolve.

Precautions to take

First, do a full check up at the doctor before starting the sport . This is essential and it will allow you to know the limits of your body before you even begin. Also ask your doctor for advice if you have chronic diseases that require special precautions. Then, if you have health problems, have adequate equipment on you permanently as a connected watch that allows to know the heart rate for example. Finally, pay attention to your diet. Have a healthy and balanced diet based on vegetables, of meat and with the least possible of fats and sugar. This is very important because the more you spend, the more your body needs to eat well to avoid deficiencies, tiredness and injuries.

To recover or start the sport after 40 years is a good idea to stay young and keep a dynamic and slender body. Activate Keto Reviews If you have trouble finding your motivation, do not hesitate to go to the sport with friends who will motivate you in moments of doubt.

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