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Know the 10 most important benefits of intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting consists in carrying out a prolonged fast from 12 to 48 hours. Discover what are the benefits that this practice can give you.

In short, intermittent fasting , Dura Burn Keto beyond being a specialized diet, is a lifestyle; a way of feeding based on the way our ancestors had access to food several thousand years ago.

As the name implies, intermittent fasting consists of making a prolonged fast from 12 to 48 hours , so that the body can achieve numerous benefits either for fat loss, perform better in training, detoxify the body , or maintain hormonal balances . Together, all these benefits can help us achieve desired results more quickly.

Although the benefits of intermittent fasting have already been demonstrated in different studies, there are still many controversies due to the lack of information by the masses, and that for several decades, the media and the food industry They have made us believe that the body must be in constant food to be able to stay healthy, which is completely false. And it is that if we go back a while ago, until 200 years ago, we humans did not have such easy access to food, so performing the demanding tasks of the day such as work in the field or long walks were due Do on an empty stomach.

If we summarize the life of the human species in one day, the less than 100 years of progress we have had could not even equal about 10 minutes compared to the thousands of years it has taken us to evolve to get where we are.

Breakfast is not as important as we have been led to believe and preach

The food industry, which unfortunately always sees in favor of economic gains, even at the cost of the health of society, has made us firmly believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that without it we will not give 100 % in our Yeah Keto daily activities. Of course, there are exceptions, because we understand that there will be a small percentage of people who cannot remain without eating for a long time due to their metabolism, but in general, breakfast is not as significant as they have painted us.

It is not necessary to be a great expert on the subject to realize that breakfast, which is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, and therefore the most nutritionally balanced speaking, turns out to be the worst. What is this about? Mainly to foods that are eaten early in the morning. Let’s not be fooled, but those cereals that we believe healthy turn out not to be. Just look at the nutritional information of the packaged products to realize the amount of sugars consumed with these foods, as well as the low value of macronutrients such as protein and healthy fats, without mentioning also the few micronutrients available such as iron or fiber that are so essential for good health and that are still very limited in this type of products. And that is just the tip of the iceberg; the same goes for waffles, pancakes, bacon and other sausages that are usually so common in the morning tables of the current population.

And this is where intermittent fasting comes into play that will allow us to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Remember that this lifestyle is not a type of fad that has caused a furor in the fitness community and that has not been invented by a famous person in order to get large amounts of money, because as we have already told you , this way of feeding has been part of the daily life of our ancestors for thousands of years that without knowing it, brought them great benefits and allowed them to continue evolving until we reach the point where we are currently.

And the benefits of intermittent fasting are …

But after a few long lines of text and so much hype, what are the benefits of intermittent fasting? Then we will tell you.

  1. Intermittent fasting for body fat loss

Perhaps the reason why intermittent fasting has grown in popularity and more and more people adopt it as a lifestyle is because it is an excellent fat burning enhancer .

If you read the previous article in which we describe what it is, you will have noticed that the window of time to be able to ingest all our nutrients, be they carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals, is too short. The most common intermittent fasting plan, that is, on 8/16 gives us a space of only eight hours to consume all the calories the body needs, this being too short a time to eat so much food.

Because of them a multiple effect occurs:

The first is that achieving a caloric deficit can be achieved much easier.

A greater balance of hormones is achieved . The insulin levels are reduced and norepinephrine levels are going through the air , which in combination helps us to have greater decomposition of body fat, because the body begins to use it as a primary energy source.

This in turn allows us to raise the basal metabolic rate between 4 and 14%, so if our recommendation is to consume 2000 calories, intermittent fasting, the body may need up to 250 extra calories to perform its basic functions.

Finally, due to the short time to consume so much food, in the long run, the mind adapts, so cravings Keto Slim 7 between meals disappear .

As an extra fact, we can mention that if intermittent fasting we add a caloric deficit, then the loss of fat will be much greater in the long run.

  1. Intermittent fasting to improve cardiovascular health

With intermittent fasting it is also possible to reduce the chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases . According to a study published in The Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine1 with intermittent fasting it is possible to reduce blood pressure, levels of bad cholesterol in the blood (at the same time that those of good cholesterol are increased), inflammatory markers and indices of glucose

However, it should be noted that although these studies have only been tested in animals, today it is not necessary to make studies directly in humans in order to draw similar conclusions.

  1. Intermittent fasting to reduce oxidative stress

It has also been shown in different studies that with intermittent fasting the body can fight more effectively against oxidative stress.

Not much take into account this condition, but it is a fairly serious problem that can lead to other unfavorable situations such as premature aging or the contraction of chronic diseases .

Because the body no longer focuses so much on the digestion of food, it becomes able to provide a greater percentage of energy to combat other problems such as the aforementioned oxidative stress.

  1. Intermittent fasting to reduce insulin resistance

Other diseases related to obesity and that can easily be prevented with intermittent fasting, is type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes 2 is due to the fact that the body begins to develop greater resistance to insulin production, after leading a rather deplorable lifestyle in which glucose is produced so abysmally that the pancreas must make a greater effort to be able to fight it

But this does not mean that if we practice intermittent fasting we will be able to consume all kinds of foods rich in simple carbohydrates, in fact, if you can, you have to avoid them to a greater extent. Several studies have suggested that fasting blood glucose is reduced by 3 to 6%, while insulin in the same state is reduced by up to 20 and 30%.

This last point brings us another more important benefit that we have already talked about, and it is known that insulin production is directly related to the accumulation of adipose tissue, which means that the lower the amount of insulin, the lower the probability of accumulating body fat

  1. Intermittent fasting for cancer prevention

A study in rats1 showed that intermittent fasting can help reduce the risk of cancer . Although it is not as relevant information for us humans (since the respective studies have not been done), it can give us an idea about how powerful this style of food is, even for the prevention of diseases as degenerative as It is cancer.

However, what can be taken into account is that there are other studies in humans that suggest that intermittent fasting is ideal for reducing side effects in people who follow a chemo-based treatment1.

  1. Intermittent fasting for Alzheimer’s prevention

Although most of the studies in relation to intermittent fasting and neurodegenerative diseases have been carried out mainly on animals, we can take them as a reference for the moment in which these tests begin to be carried out in humans.

These studies have shown1 that intermittent fasting can not only prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s, but also reduce its effects. The same goes for other conditions such as Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s.

  1. Intermittent fasting to improve brain activity

In the same way as with previous points, studies that show that intermittent fasting is good for brain activity have been carried out with a higher incidence in animals, however, as we always note, they can be taken as a reference.

These studies1 have shown that intermittent fasting is excellent for improving the growth of new nerve cells, as well as for raising the levels of the hormone known as BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor). These hormones also known as neurotrophins have a high influence on processes such as neuronal plasticity, that is, on the communication and functioning of neurons.

At the same time, there are other studies that suggest that with intermittent fasting it is possible to protect yourself with brain damage.

  1. Intermittent fasting to prolong life

In addition to significantly delaying the symptoms of aging , intermittent fasting also has a high influence on the prolongation of life.

Or at least that is what has been concluded after a study1 conducted on rats, in which it was found that those specimens that had fasted could extend their lifespan by up to 83% compared to those that were not subjected to Same eating plan.

Of course, the results are not yet studied in humans, however, with the simple fact that it has been shown that aging can be delayed due to the production of GH (growth hormone), we can get an idea that as a Secondary reaction could prolong the lives of people who practice it.

  1. Intermittent fasting to improve training performance

Although we have been able to sell the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the truth is that it has been demonstrated not only in various studies, but also by various recognized athletes who have given us their testimony, that with intermittent fasting a much more bearable training can be achieved despite increasing its volume. Personally I can confirm these statements, which I have been fasting for several months and training in the morning without any problem. Although of course, this practice is not usually bearable for all people.

The reason why training performance increases is because when you get up in the morning, the body starts with 100% of its energies. Because these energies are not occupied in other heavier processes such as digestion, everything can be focused on the exercises, which results in a positive point, either to perform a greater number of repetitions or to lift greater weights.

  1. Intermittent fasting to enhance cellular, gene and hormone production function

Other great benefits we can get from intermittent fasting are:

Increased growth hormone production : It has been shown that with intermittent fasting a production of up to 5 times the growth hormone is achieved. This hormone is also known as the fountain of youth as it can significantly delay the first signs of aging. In addition, it is closely related to the production of testosterone. That is, the more GH, the greater testosterone. This is crucial for those athletes who practice weightlifting, since it has also been known for a long time that testosterone is indispensable for the growth of muscle mass. And that is not all, the greater the muscle mass, the greater the energy demand, so burning fat will be much simpler even while at rest.

Better cell repair : Thanks to intermittent fasting it is possible to activate a greater number of processes for cell repair, thus benefiting the organism in general, especially the immune system, which allows to develop greater defenses to fight diseases.

Improvement of gene Luxe Trim Keto expression: Gene expression refers to the process in which different microorganisms can transform the information encoded by nucleic acids into proteins to have a greater development and functioning when producing other organisms such as hormones themselves. In turn, other processes such as autophagy are activated, which refers to the elimination of waste from the cells that accumulate over time. Thanks to this purification at the cellular level it is possible to fight diseases such as Alzheimer’s or various types of cancer, as explained previously.

In conclusion

As we can tell, the main reasons why intermittent fasting is so beneficial is due to all the physiological changes that occur in the body after its practice. These changes are what give rise to others that are much more superficial, which are ultimately what we seek to improve our health significantly.

Although at the beginning it may be difficult to follow this type of diet, since we are used to eating frequently, after about two or three weeks, intermittent fasting becomes much more bearable.

A recommendation to enter this lifestyle is to opt for the 12/12 plan, that is, fast twelve hours and eat in the next twelve hours. This strategy is much easier, because at that time the eight hours of sleep are taken into account, so that if we make the last meal at eight at night, we can eat without any problem at eight in the morning of the next day . As the weeks go by, we can extend the fasting times for a long time, that is, increase to 13, 14 … until we reach 16 hours. In my case, that I normally carry the 16/8 plan allows me to make my last meal at 8 p.m. (leaving a space of three hours before going to sleep) and then eat at 12 or 12:30 p.m. of the day following, previously doing my activities like morning workouts,

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