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Maple butter: nutritional value and calories

Full of flavor on bread or pancakes , maple butter has enough to melt. But can you consume it without fear of getting fat? What is its nutritional value, and how many calories does it bring?

If nutritionally, maple butter is rather Evo Elite Keto interesting, it is instead caloric, since it consists mainly of maple syrup (260 kcal per 100 grams) . Zoom on the composition of this food and tips to know how to consume it.

Maple butter: calories but a good sweetening power

In addition, the glycemic index of maple butter is almost as high as that of conventional white sugar.

However, maple butter has a big slimming advantage: it is sweeter than cane sugar . So you do not need to use as much, and it’s always won for your figure!

The nutritional benefits of maple butter

Rich in vitamin B, maple butter also brings you proteins and minerals : zinc, calcium, potassium and manganese are among its main nutrients.

In addition, maple butter is a source of antioxidants , making it a healthy ally to fight against free radicals that constantly attack our cells.

But be careful: because of its particular composition, maple butter could cause reactions in people allergic to nuts or pollen …

Easy recipe: how to make your own maple butter?

Maple butter tempts you? Here is his secret manufacturing:


550 ml of organic maple syrup

50 ml of pure corn syrup, to avoid obtaining a crystallized butter

Preparation and cooking

In a saucepan, bring both ingredients to a boil over medium heat.

Let it simmer for 15 minutes so that the mixture reaches 110 ° (check with a cooking thermometer).

Then put the pan in a bowl of cold water, until its temperature drops to 20 °.

Take the pan out of the water, and beat the mixture with an electric mixer (you can also use a thermomix ), until it becomes creamy.

Pour your maple butter in an airtight container, and opt for a cool storage (up to three weeks).

And with what to eat my maple butter to not get too fat? Wholegrain bread or buckwheat pancakes are EvoElite Keto Reviews good options to limit excess . In salted use, this soft butter can be associated with fresh ginger , for example to raise a meat.

Too caloric and too sweet to be consumed daily, maple butter can still be homemade for occasional use.

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