Thursday, 02 April, 2020

Men should also take care of their skin, do you know the risks?

Did you know that according to the epidemiological profile issued by the ESE University Hospital, Dermatological Center in 2016, 33% of the diseases reported by men correspond to conditions caused by acne, 28% to dermatitis and 8% to damage caused by solar radiation?

These types of conditions are generated since men do not have the conception and perseverance of taking care of our skin, we think that this is a topic that only women should worry about and we do not give it the relevance that this topic requires. Although our skin is stronger and thicker, men have a tendency to suffer from acne, irritation, open pores, oily skin, dry and aged skin, among others; At present this trend has changed considerably, we see how some men begin to have a basic city, however it is not a widespread issue.

Ignorance of the risks and skin care can be a cause of this trend. However, in this post we want to tell you some practices that can help you prevent the appearance of future conditions, allowing you to look healthy and radiant skin.

  1. Some of the enemies of male skin are: tobacco, liquor, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, daily shaving, even the effects of stress. This is why, changing simple life habits can be a decisive factor for the health of your skin.
  2. Performing a basic cleansing of the skin in the morning and at night is a habit that we must acquire, and not with any product, since this could make the problem worse; Look for a product designed for your skin type and carry out the process with constancy.
  3. Shaving causes a deterioration of the skin, which is why the use of a post-shave product that helps us hydrate and refresh is essential.
  4. Use scrubs for a deeper cleansing, it could be once every 15 days, with this you will renew your skin cells and give it a cleaner appearance.
  5. Use moisturizing and nourishing products, this will prevent the appearance of conditions such as acne.
  6. The sun is another enemy, so remember to use the sunscreen every morning, not only will it help protect your skin from UV rays, but it will also prevent impurities from the environment.
  7. Remember that the skin is different depending on the weather, environment, habits, etc., each skin is unique and that is why care must be fully personalized, improper handling of products can cause significant damage to your skin, and self-medication is a bad decision; properly consult an expert and use products completely designed for your skin type.

These are just some recommendations to keep your skin healthy, remember that your face is your personal cover letter, so you should give it the importance and care it requires.

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