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Skin cleansing: how to wash your face

Your skin needs to be washed daily. Oily, mixed, dry and normal skin do not have the same needs. Here are our tips to free you from impurities, depending on your skin type.

Stress, fatigue and pollution dirty Pure Reviva Derm our skin and cause shine, pimples and dullness. To avoid these problems and keep skin young and healthy for a long time, the cleaning stage is essential. For it to be effective, we adopt an effective and gentle routine according to its type of skin. Manual.

Cleanse oily or combination oily skin

The skin of the face, when it is fat, presents a very important production of sebum . To purify, wash your face morning and evening (after cleansing) using specific products. No need to use lotions or gels too aggressive, it would only accentuate the problems of your skin. “As for other skin types, I recommend washing the face twice a day, morning and evening, before hydration,” says dermatologist Dr. Marie-Estelle Roux, using a mild cleansing product .such as soap surgras, a soap-free gel or a micellar lotion suitable for oily skin, especially with zinc. Even if the skin is still greasy after the toilet, it must be moisturized with a light cream. “Once the daily cleaning of your skin is completed, you must not neglect the second step: your skin, even fat , needs to be hydrated!

If your skin is mixed, that is to say oily on the front-nose-chin area but rather dry on the cheekbones and cheeks, adopt the products intended for oily skin. It would be illusory to want to clean his face with two different products, depending on the area.

Scrub and gentle gestures

In general, avoid rubbing your skin too much with your cleaning product. Your actions will be effective even if they are gentle. Likewise, do not bruise your face with your towel. Dab the area gently to dry. Twice a week, also use an exfoliating gel to thoroughly cleanse your skin. These treatments will help you get rid of impurities. Several times a year, you can also go to a dermatologist for a cleansing skin, it can help you fight against blackheads and other blackheads .

Beware of the buttons!

If your face has acne, make an appointment with a dermatologist to recommend a cleanser for your skin. Above all, do not touch your buttons, you could aggravate the situation!

Cleanse dry skin

Your skin “pulls” when you clean it? It’s a safe bet that your cleansing gel is too aggressive for your face. Dry to very dry skin has very specific needs. Opt for a special product “dry skin”, a very gentle cleanser. And when you dry your face, be careful! Gently dab your face with a soft towel.

Mature skin

“The main advice is to consider that the skins of a certain age are dry, so we must respect this characteristic,” says Dr. Michel Le Maître, dermatologist and scientific advisor for La Roche-Posay. So the return of the patients is generally very good for the micellar waters, which clean gently.Generally, I generally advise a cleaning by day, in the evening, after the make-up removal. mineral water is sufficient before applying the moisturizer. ”

I clean my normal skin

After the step (essential) of make-up removal , take care to clean your skin. Gel, mousse, lotion or soap … You’re spoiled for choice! Choose products that are stamped “normal skin” and wash your face without rubbing too hard. In the morning, before makeup and go about your business, start again. After each of these “skin cleansing” sessions, be sure to moisturize with products intended for normal skin. Once a week, use an exfoliating product to free your skin of its impurities in depth. Again, beware of irritation: no need to force too much with these exfoliating products. You could irritate your skin.

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