Thursday, 02 April, 2020

Stress and swollen belly: how to act?

We sometimes forget that belly swelling can also be caused by daily stress .

How to act? What are the possible actions to relax and find a flat stomach? Several solutions are possible.

The link between stress and swollen belly

Stress directly impacts our ability to digest well . However, if the digestion goes wrong, the gas can accumulate in the intestines and cause discomfort, small pains … and swelling of the belly.


Our belly sometimes expresses things for us. We often speak of “second brain” to designate the intestine: if you are very tense in a period of your life, the body lives it directly. It has trouble digesting food and tends to go wrong.

In parallel to this, being anxious can lead to a less balanced eating behavior (sugar and salt cracklings, punctual eating disorders) which will also inflate the stomach, or even gain weight.

Combine relaxation and sport to calm down

One of the first reflexes to have is to make room in his schedule for a regular sport in the week, of the order of 3 times minimum.


It is not only to build muscles and lose weight , but also to release tensions and negative energies, let off steam on something else, empty temporarily.


A meditative practice, dance, cardio or a sport of combat will be ideal to vary the pleasures while doing good . The extra effective touch to supplement the physical activity and endorphins generated? Treat yourself to a relaxing massage if you can.

Modify your diet

Regulate your digestion and take care of your belly to deflate go through a healthy and balanced diet . Temporarily remove sugar (added or refined) from your diet, soft drinks and over-salty foods.


It can be useful to go through a phase of detox , monodi├Ęte or specialized cure to lighten the body and the head.


However, be careful not to go too far: if a diet is too difficult to consider, it is better not to follow one … To not just accentuate the mental and physical tensions that we seek to calm!


Finally, if these symptoms persist, turning to your doctor or considering seeing a therapist can really help restore balance , both physically, mentally and emotionally. Acting in this way will have a lasting impact on the well-being of the body, from the belly to the silhouette in general.

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