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The Lafay method to lose weight?

The method Lafay is a method of bodybuilding without equipment , thought to be practiced at home. The positive reviews for this method are quite unanimous: easy access allows to work the whole body respectfully, harmoniously, while being very effective.

She lays down the practice of bodybuilding as a practice of well-being, without danger for the joints and offers nutrition advice. Lose weight with the Lafay method is therefore quite possible, it is even a well adapted method.

The Lafay method: principles of bodybuilding without equipment

This method is based on simple programs that do not require expensive investments and that can be cut during the week or the day to facilitate the practice.

Sessions are cut between the upper body, lower body, abs and specific moments are reserved for flexibility, essential for healthy and harmonious muscle development. All sessions are designed to work the cardio.

Initially published in the form of two different manuals, one for men, the other for women, there is a version in pdf download legally and free online. It is possible to have it on his ipad or his favorite tablet, depending on whether we went to all digital or not. Each exercise of the manual is illustrated so that the practitioner has a good vision of a good or bad position possible.

The applications of the Lafay method are very general, it can be used simply to relax, to gain muscle mass as well as for melting and is very complementary to a slimming diet.

Start well with the Lafay method

To get started with this method, the easiest way is to start from the beginning! The introduction of the manual sets the objectives, gives advice on food, allows for a personal assessment and to be in terms of sports level. Then, it directs the athlete either towards the direct start of the training, or towards a period of rebalancing.

Then she presents how the daily practice will take place and encourages the practitioner to keep a notebook with the program he has set up and to take regular photos to see the physical results and progress. This allows a look forward to after very encouraging.

The sessions are alternated with sessions focused only cardio, such as running or cycling.

Reading this introduction is essential because it will allow the proper application of the method. By taking a critical look at the objectives and current practices , the Lafay method allows you to take a step back and put sport in a personal practice, of which the individual is fully involved.

Example of a weekly program

To start, you need to establish your profile, set your weight loss goals , set up your exercise series and go for sports! A week, to avoid having to do sessions too long, can be cut in the following way.

Monday morning : upper body – clad + pumps – lower body Monday night : Stretching Tuesday : Running Wednesday : rest Thursday morning : lower body – upper body – clad + pumps Thursday Night : Stretching Friday : Running Saturday morning : upper body – lower body – sheath + pumps Saturday evening : stretching

This division allows to have sessions that do not exceed 3/4 hours and are therefore easy to integrate into a schedule. Overall, the Lafay method is an effective method, which really works because it is very flexible and accessible.

It gives general advice but also allows very precise muscular gains, thanks to specific exercises, like for example to strengthen the calves. For those who fear cardio sessions, do not hesitate to equip an iphone to listen to your favorite tracks.

Attention, it is essential to respect the duration of the series, to observe if the movement is good or not, its possible pain and to respect the recommended breaks. This will allow you to not exhaust yourself, to keep your motivation while having very effective results.

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