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The Top Body Challenge is it effective to lose weight?

The Top Body Challenge is a sports program that promises to be refined in just 12 weeks . It allows to lose weight, but its effectiveness depends on other factors, such as diet.

The Top Body Challenge to lose weight

The program Top Body Challenge , or TBC for the intimate, already has many followers and takes place over 12 weeks. This method was created by Sonia Tlev, a Frenchwoman.

Will I lose weight with the Top Body Challenge? This is a question that many people ask themselves.

The selected exercises help to find a slim, toned and curvy figure . The Top Body Challenge is therefore effective for refining.

But to lose weight, it is above all in the plate that it happens! That’s why the TBC includes nutrition tips for proper eating during these 12 weeks. Sonia Tlev also offers in ebooks sold out Ketogeniks Keto of menu ideas for healthy weight loss.

When you do a sports program like this, you burn calories and build muscle. But for the results to appear, you must follow a suitable diet , that is to say it must:

– Present a calorie deficit (but not too important, otherwise you risk the yoyo effect ) – Cover your nutritional needs – Bring enough fuel to build muscles and give you energy

If you are serious in your sessions and you eat balanced meals , you will see a great evolution with the Top Body Challenge .

Progress of the Top Body Challenge?

This method takes place over 12 weeks. Each week has 3 sports sessions lasting 30 minutes:

– Monday: abdo and thighs – Wednesday: arms and glutes – Friday: the whole body People just want to get muscle or get back in shape will only follow these 3 sessions. Those who are primarily looking for weight loss will add the two cardio sessions on offer.

The sessions are in card format: the exercises are represented by a drawing and each card corresponds to a session. It will be necessary to make your session with your tablet at hand or to print the file.

A method suitable for beginners?

A beginner can perfectly succeed the TBC, although it may be difficult to follow the first sessions . To go to the end of 12 weeks when you have never played sports, motivation is essential . But many beginners have arrived!

Sonia Tlev tries to adapt her challenges to as many people as possible, from beginners to advanced athletes to moms. For example, she released a special post pregnancy TBC after being pregnant herself.

The Top Body Challenge allows you to lose weight , provided you follow a suitable diet and show a lot of motivation.

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