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Three examples of weight loss breakfasts

I will share with you three healthy Super Fast Keto Boost Reviews breakfasts with which you can lose weight in a healthy way with proteins, fibers, vitamins and carbohydrates.

It doesn’t matter what the reason is that you want to lose weight, since it may be that you are starting to prepare to lose those extra pounds that you earn during the holidays, because you are going on vacation to the beach, like preparation for a competition or simply because you want to see yourself better on any given day. Whatever the reason, then I will share with you three perfect breakfasts for weight loss .

It is a fact that breakfast is one of the most important meals, but many people do not know that breakfast should provide us with 30% of daily calories in a hypocaloric diet of approximately 1500 Kcal, that is, breakfast should be have 450 Kcal. But not only is it important not to go over the amount of calories, but we must always look for options that allow us to include proteins that help us feel satisfied, fiber and foods with a low glycemic index.

Here are our three breakfasts to lose weight :

  • Breakfast 1
  • A glass of skim milk
  • 50gr whole wheat bread
  • 1 fresh orange
  • 2 spoons of low-calorie jam

This breakfast has a total of 260 Kcal

  • Breakfast 2
  • ½ bowl of skimmed yogurt
  • 5 nuts or almonds
  • 20 grams of oatmeal
  • 1 kiwi

This breakfast has a total of 334 kcal

  • Breakfast 3
  • 30 grams of fresh cheese
  • 1 cup of coffee or tea
  • 1 sliced ​​tomato
  • 50 grams of whole wheat bread

This breakfast has a total of 202 kcal


We can see in the first breakfast option we recommend a glass of skim milk that will be accompanied by two tablespoons of marmalade that can be in a whole wheat or separate bread and a fresh orange. With this breakfast we are getting complex hydrates, lean proteins, vitamins, minerals and fiber . So we can see that it is a very good breakfast for our body.

In the second breakfast to lose weight we propose ½ cup of skimmed yogurt accompanied by oatmeal, kiwi and nuts or almonds. In this way we are getting good fats, fiber , micronutrients, proteins and carbohydrates . In healthy breakfast to start the day with energy.

In our third option we have 1 cup of tea or coffee, whole wheat bread, fresh cheese and 1 sliced ​​tomato, foods that will provide us with proteins, fibers, fats, vitamins and hydrates .

These ideal breakfasts to lose weight are very simple to prepare and will give our body everything it Super Fast Keto Boost needs to start the day with energy while not helping to lose weight and maintain a feeling of satiety for a good time due to the protein content that has.

Remember that although these breakfasts will help you with weight, it is important that during the rest of the day you monitor the food intake you have, since it will not help you to have a healthy breakfast of the options we share here and that you eat or eat high-fat foods , sugars, calories and hydrates. Also remember that exercising and sleeping well is very important for weight loss.

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