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Top fitness tips for men – for health, well-being and stress reduction

Already knew? Sport does not just get your body on the move, it also boosts your mind. Regular exercise also causes more calories to be consumed than consumed. One remains as a man slim and slim. Especially for fathers, fitness is important, because children can really cost strength.

For men, diet is often a irritant. It is often easier for them to do sports regularly. But a fitness program only makes sense and brings results if one thing is certain: the regularity. So that the inner bastard does not put a leg here, there are countermeasures that work – but only if you are really willing to get fit and to stay that way.

Why fitness is so important for losing weight

The muscles in the human body are small power plants that constantly burn energy; all the more, the better they are trained. So if you do sports regularly and build muscle specifically, calories are consumed even when you are resting – even when watching football on the sofa. Another advantage that makes it much easier for you to lose weight is the so-called after burning effect. Up to 48 hours after training, the metabolism consumes additional energy. As a rule of thumb, the more intense and longer the training, the more pronounced is the fat loss afterwards. After all, happiness is released every time during sports, which has been proven to improve mood, motivation and performance – and not just when it comes to weight loss. Sport is the best way to reduce stress.

Fitness tips for men

Getting up to regular sports is often difficult. The inner bastard tempts us more on the couch than in the running shoes or the crosstrainer. The following tips will increase your enjoyment of sports and help you overcome your inner inertia:

Whatever you do, it must be fun! Only then is the motivation right. In general, it does not matter if you prefer jogging or going to the gym. Important are the regular training and a medium intensity.

Integrate your fitness program into your daily routine so that it also “fits”. Optimal is a workout in the morning, are you more active in the evening, then it goes to the sport. But beware: The further you move the fitness program back in the day, the greater the risk that it will fail.

Three to four fitness sessions per week are optimal. If you change the sports, you can vary between endurance sports such as running, swimming or inline skating and weight training in the gym or at home. Then there is no boredom.

Fill up your fluid storage before exercise – preferably with water or low-calorie juice spritzers. Drink again during the training session and replace the water loss immediately after the workout.

Stairs run instead of elevator. Make use of every opportunity in everyday job practice to do something good for your body. Tip for climbing stairs: always take two steps at a time.

Eating after sport is allowed. The dishes should have a good balance of protein and carbohydrates and should be low in fat.

Calorie-conscious eating and fitness – the perfect mix

When losing weight, the negative energy balance is crucial. To lose one kilogram of body fat, you need to save about 7,000 calories. This is hardly to do alone with sports, but with a healthy and calorie-reduced diet already. The combination does it. Those who eat healthy and calorie-conscious and exercise regularly, is slim and fit and remains so. Because muscle mass burns more calories than body fat. Maybe even your partner can help you here and support you. Because women have in most cases a good overview of what diets are there and how to eat healthy and balanced without constantly in the weight trap.

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