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What bodybuilding exercises do during pregnancy?

Playing sports at the time of pregnancy, unless proven health problem, is an excellent idea because its virtues are numerous and recognized. This helps to reduce lower back pain, to relieve stress significantly and especially to prepare the perineum for delivery.

Of course, you should not opt Tier 2 keto ​​for sports too physical and not over-solicit abdominals . Here’s how to do it best.

Benefit of muscle strengthening at the back

A belly of a pregnant woman puts the back muscles very hard test, especially in the lumbar region. A little muscle building at this level can make a big difference during these nine months. To achieve this, sit comfortably on a yoga mat .

Sit, legs extended and slightly apart, you will rest on your hands on the ground just behind you. From there, you will contract the perineum and raise you above the ground by leaning on your hands and your heels. Arms and legs straight, you hold the position a few moments then go back to your starting position.

During this movement, your pelvis must align with the rest of your body. Repeat the process several times. (5 to 8 ideally) The number of series, without being exaggerated, depends on your form, your flexibility and your motivation.

Get inspired by yoga

Yoga is teeming with postures beneficial for a future mother. This is the case of the warrior’s posture, for example. To achieve it, stand up. Your feet will deviate a little about 1 meter. You must then open the foot at the front and come carefully align your heels. Extend your arms, taking care to align them as well, and look at your front hand.

Then slowly bend your knee before, your back still straight. Breathe deeply between 3 and 6 times before going back up and starting again. Repeat this posture by changing your foot. Here, you will tone your arms, your back and your glutes.

Gentle with swimming

Indeed, swimming twice a week on average is an excellent idea because your body remains tonic, without intense effort but in addition, an aquatic activity will help you relax. Swimming is safe for you and your baby . There are even classes reserved for future mothers in many swimming pools. You can then, if you feel like it, continue the experiment with baby swimmers when your child is born.

If your condition allows you, Tier 2 keto Reviews do not neglect the sport during your pregnancy. It is a good habit to adopt, as is choosing a balanced diet without excess calories.

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