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What does a typical protein breakfast look like?

We know that protein or high protein diets are particularly effective for lasting weight loss . Simply changing your habits for a protein breakfast can cause quick effects on the line. Good news: it’s pretty easy!

Example of a protein breakfast

To begin, here is a simple and hearty breakfast, which helps to lose weight without feeling hungry : tea or Pinnakkle keto coffee nature, water, poached eggs accompanied by small tomatoes and mushrooms, slice of ham and a few lentils and spinach.

If spinach and lentils are too difficult to eat for you in the morning, do not add them right away.

The foods to be favored will be:

A source of protein to choose from : eggs in various forms, fish, meat for those who are able in the morning, whey shake for fitness enthusiasts, legumes associated with cereals, tofu, seitan …

Vegetables: spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms …

A source of “good” fat if you wish

As for drinks, the ideal is not to consume fruit, dairy or any other food that would increase blood sugar (we do not speak of calories in this case). There are already carbohydrates naturally in the diet, so there is no need to add sugar in coffee or tea … even for the taste. Sweeteners are to be banned too.

Finally, a protein breakfast looks like a balanced lunch .

We forget pancakes , cereals, bread and ideally dairy products, even at 0% and organic (cottage cheese and yogurt tend to increase blood sugar in the blood).

The basics of a typical breakfast in the protein diet

The idea is not only to insert proteins, but to take advantage of them to remove sugar and sometimes even dairy products and fruits in the morning. This keeps the blood glucose level low, which prevents storing fat.

The benefits of a protein breakfast

There are many, both for the line and for health:

Suppression of refined sugar and processed foods preserves many cardiovascular disorders

Proteins permanently cut hunger and preserve muscle mass

No more “snails” in the middle or late morning

It is compatible with a gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan diet

Even when traveling or at the Pinnakkle Keto REVIEWS hotel, proteins are easy to obtain in the morning (omelette, soya in many countries, etc.)

The most difficult is of course to start. After a few days or weeks, most people get used to this breakfast and tend not to go back!

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