Tuesday, 02 June, 2020

What exercises to do on an oscillating platform?

The oscillating platform has enjoyed rapid success that has never failed . It must be recognized as an ability to stimulate muscles through osteotendinous reflexes that found no equivalent in conventional fitness exercises. But for a good efficiency of the oscillating and vibrating platform, it is first necessary to carry out its exercises.

Standing exercises

You can put yourself in all possible positions with a vibrating platform and you can simply be standing up. A very good exercise to do is squats . In support on the knees with the buttocks as low as possible and with a flexion from bottom to top, you are ready for an intense session to be done above 50 hz.

You can also do scissor bending. Ultra Keto Fuel Standing, one foot on the machine, the other not, and you press the leg that vibrates through the machine without bending the knee too much , so do not go beyond your toes. Efficiency is guaranteed for this classic position

In sitting position

The vibrations of the machine do not prevent to sit on it. This position is also particularly recommended for abdominals . In support on your only glutes, you tend and then bend your legs insisting on the amplitude of your movement. With the intensity of the vibrations and a good training program, you will significantly play on your figure .

To work with your arms, sit on the platform with your legs extended forward and lift the weight of your body with the strength of your arms. The result of the exercise will be multiplied with the benefits of the machine and you will also see a result before after in a few sessions.

In lying position

To play on your weight loss, your program must contain lying positions, especially to make pumps . Instead of putting your hands on the ground, you put them on the machine and take advantage of its vibrations to draw your bust very effectively. Always to carve and work his thinness, the abdominal board is ideal.

The hands and forearms flat on the machine, the rest of the body tight and straight and each oscillation of the platform will work directly on your abs.

Many exercises are possible with a vibrating platform. You can, in combination with these, you also support the advice provided in the user manual of your machine to design the program best suited to your body and your goals.

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